{Magic of the Mundane} The Dark Side

January 9, 2017

So Dhimas & Brixton & I were talking about Star Wars, and they were asking me the usual questions…
Who was your favorite character?
Which character do you most relate to & why?
etc. etc. and all the hypotheticals & theories & all that jazz, right?


So then Dhimas asks me if there was any possible scenario in which I might turn to the dark side, and I’m immediately & confidently like “Absolutely not. I know that for sure. I’d rather die.” And he’s all like “Are you sure about that?” and the two of them are glancing at each other with their eyebrows raised.

So I’m like “You guys actually think that there’s a possibility I would turn to the dark side of the force?!?! Your own mother?!?!” And they’re like “well… not usually, no… but… well, maybe… you know… just when you’re PMSing.”

I’m gonna kick their asses.


Listen, I know my pms isn’t always easy to navigate. But keeping our senses of humor, having silly banter, and poking a little fun at mom is how we do it around here. It’s how we keep things on the light side. It’s how we make {Magic of the Mundane}.


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