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May 6, 2013

It’s settled then. I’m bringing back the {Magic of the Mundane}. And not just on Mondays. And not just here on Sofia’s Ideas.


I’m inviting you (yes you… especially you)

to participate all day and everyday

on Instagram as well!

{ @SofiasIdeas }


Even though I truly enjoy pictures from world travelers, photoshop geniuses, and people with the time & financial freedom to experience the world in ways so few us do… I can’t relate. That’s not my life right now. My life is at home, with my husband and children, with piles of dishes and dirty laundry. But that, to me, is all the more reason to inject & infuse imagination into the insipid, to explore & expose the embedded marvel in the monotonous, to share how we turn the hum-drum into family history…

Every ordinary moment has the potential to be extraordinary…

please join me in creating



SofiasIdeas MagicoftheMundane250 

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Sarah Russell (@dizzyhappymama)



Sofia's Ideas

Yay! Invite your friends too! I think this will be fun!



I am so happy about this!!!!!
I’m new at Instagram. To participate do I just use the hashtag? Or do I link to your blog somehow. (I really need to take some time to learn more about the things I use.)


Sofia's Ideas

Yes! You can just use the hashtag #MagicoftheMundane


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