{Magic of the Mundane} Conundrum

April 9, 2012

I’ve been cleaning and organizing all week, but just fifteen minutes at a time. I know this is all mundane stuff, but it’s what I need. I need my home to hug me. I need to look around and feel tranquil, instead of tense. So, rather than ignoring that need, I’ve been embracing it. And believe it or not, there is {magic} to that. What I’m discovering is that I actually have more time to keep that promise to my lovies now. I promised I would create {Magic of the Mundane}; I’d like to think I have been…

We started going on our weekly Mommy & Me outings again. Aysia and I had crepes with lingonberries and lingonberry butter while out to breakfast… … and enjoyed each other’s company on a typical Tuesday afternoon, while at Crochet Club… I simply can’t resist certain sections of the library and therefore can not be trusted to “browse” the aisles. (I’ve been known to renew books a bajillion times and somehow still incur late charges.) I brought home a stack of books and decided to spend an afternoon this way, without guilt… I called it the “home economics” (or, the “Mom has the urge to sew some cute adorable preciousnesses”) portion of our Loggerhead Sea Turtle unit. When actually, this is supposed to be the bigger part of our current curriculum… … although I’m not quite sure what to make of this particular chapter. How practical is taxidermy for boys anyway? I began taking pictures again, thanks to Instagram finally being available for Android. (Although, I thought it was going to be way cooler than it actually turned out to be.)

I took this one yesterday. Who needs the Easter bunny when you have teeth like that, right? And here she is again, my little one year old. Mia, ever the observer… We took an evening to just enjoy each other, in this gorgeous South Florida weather. We walked around Palm Beach island, then went to Sloan’s for some ice cream concoctions. I even had time to help Papa with one of his projects… while working on a project of my very own…

:: giveaway coming soon ::

I’ve had “scrapbooks” on my project list for (no joke, no exaggeration) the last thirteen years. Can you believe that? Thirteen years have passed and all my scrapbook supplies just continue to collect dust in multiple, disorganized bins. So finally, I found some time to delve into this hobby that I used to enjoy so much.

I can’t remember the last time I felt simultaneously productive and peaceful this way. Yes, I did stay up all night scrubbing grout, but I suppose that actually helped me feel “ready” enough to be “present”. Does that make sense? Staying up all night to get our family calendar “just so” actually resulted in having a “fuller” week… hosting a sleepover, facilitating a “Sweets & Treats” stand in our driveway, and a traditional wings & fries night with extended family.

And taking pictures of these magically mundane moments is indicative of a mind that hasn’t been wandering elsewhere. The purely selfish joy that comes with crafting, sewing, and scrapbooking all make me a happier human being… but only when I can indulge without guilt.

I think finding the {Magic of the Mundane} with (and for) my family is contingent on being able to balance my ocd with my free spirit, somehow. For me, this is, and has always been, quite the Conundrum.


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