{Magic of the Mundane} a promise to my lovies…

April 3, 2012

The first week, my husband asked me why my contribution to {Magic of the Mundane} wasn’t the first entry. I told him “I don’t want this to be about me, or my blog, or me trying to promote it. No rules, no having to follow me, or place my button on their blog. None of that. They don’t even have to have a blog. I want everyone to feel like they can contribute.” No rules also meant that the entries would be as diverse as the amazing people behind them. I didn’t want other people’s {magic} to conform to my ideas. So, I made my entry the last one. “This isn’t about me. I just host this thing.”

But in my mind, {Magic of the Mundane} was going to be huge right off the bat. I thought it was going to grow by leaps and bounds, week after week. But, as the weeks went on, and the entries grew less instead of more, I began to question… myself and my blog. What am I doing here? Is it even worth it? Is this the best use of my time? I have six kids to educate and nurture, a husband to cherish, and a home to manage… what am I thinking? I’m obviously delusional. I’m not good enough. And the doubt took over until I went from “maybe just a few days a week” to “I’m done”.

Never mind the fact that I’m the host of this thing and I was finding it difficult to participate. Is it a sign that my contribution only ever comes to me at the last minute?

Because here I was, writing, but struggling to get the words out about how my brother came to visit last week, and how Mia started walking just as she turned a year old, and how those two things were the magic in an otherwise less than mundane week. After feeling so ill that I thought I was going to end up in the ER, that was the magic that made me pull myself together. So, that’s what I was going to write about. But instead, at the last minute, I received an email from someone in my past. And it not only completely changed my post, but it changed my entire outlook.

This email reminded me that you truly never know how your presence affects another human being. You never know how your involvement in someone’s life, however short it may have been, may have inspired a difference. And that email reminded me of the woman I once was, ages ago, and the woman I’ve secretly aspired to be once again. And it reminded me that what I do today still matters.

It’s a thankless and unglamorous job I have today, being just Sofia, and the Sofia behind Sofia’s Ideas… but it matters to me, and it will matter to my family. That email reminded me that it was never any one thing I did; it wasn’t about a brilliant idea or decision or moment. Rather, it was the culmination of the little things I said and did over time.

The same goes for being a wife and mother. When they look back, they may remember specific days and words with me, but mostly, I think they’ll remember how I made them feel… especially about themselves. They’ll remember that I was always happy to see them; that I greeted them each morning, and each time they walked through the door, with a big smile on my face, and cheerful words, and open arms. They’ll remember that regardless of the kind of day we had together, I made sure they went to bed knowing that my love for them was unconditional and unwavering. They’ll remember how I felt about my roles and responsibilities, and that will also affect the reflection they see of themselves in my eyes.

The length of my involvement in my husband’s, and each of my children’s lives, isn’t something I want to take for granted. Tomorrow with them is never guaranteed, so I will try my best to make today magical. I will climb Mt. Washmore, and I will swim through the sea of clutter, and do it knowing that the day will soon come that they’ll be grown and I’ll miss being able to climb and swim with them. I’ll do the mundane things knowing that the magic is in this journey I am fortunate enough to take with them. There is magic inherent in the gift of just having another day. So, this is a promise to my lovies… I will do my best to create {Magic of the Mundane}.

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