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January 29, 2012

Sofia’s {Ideas}

A Sunday series. A single idea. One of way too many.


I’ve had a handful of requests for more information about our control journals so I figured another post would be helpful.

I have my day split up into 6 segments :: Hour of Power, Morning Routine, Homeschool, Afternoon Routine, Evening Routine, and Bedtime Routine. The kids have Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Routines. Let’s focus on one segment at a time…

Control Journals :: Morning Routines


What is a morning routine?

1. It is a short list of the things we want to accomplish as soon as we open our eyes in the morning.

2. It consists of tasks we all need to carry out before we can leave the house, do an activity, and/or homeschool.

Why have a morning routine?

I’m an early bird and my body rises on its own at 5am every morning. My best thinking hours are sometime before my eyes open until about 9am; its during these hours that I’m the most productive. I maximize this time by doing my Hour of Power immediately.

1. It helps us all be prepared for the day ahead. It doesn’t matter if we have anything planned or not – we are all ready for whatever we have scheduled (a field trip) or any surprises (a neighbor needs help) that come our way.

2. Our family consists of some early birds & some nocturnal ones. Nevertheless, I believe that an established Morning Routine habit will serve our children well throughout their lives. My hope is that they will apply this principle in higher education, in business, and in family life. It is also the foundation on which we build our other routines.

How do we execute a Morning Routine?

We had an open discussion during a family meeting; decided that the whole family would have the same basic morning routine, but with different assigned morning chores. Everyone has their individualized morning routine in their own control journal.

1. I reclaim my awesome while the kids are still asleep. If they wake up, they get to have their sunshine baskets until its time to get our day started. Once I have done my Hour of Power and am dressed to the shoes, I open up my computer and check my calendars (more on that later).

2. While I make breakfast, the kids pull out their control journals and get their days started. We sit down to eat together, discuss the agenda for the day, but then excuse ourselves when we are done so we can continue to independently move through our routines.


Aslan’s Morning Routine:

⃞ Make bed
⃞ Breakfast jursidiction
⃞ 8am Healthy breakfast, Juice Plus+
⃞ Clean up area, dishes in dishwasher
⃞ Brush teeth ⃞ Wash eyeglasses
⃞ Get dressed to the shoes
⃞ Brush & style hair
⃞ Hot Spots (2 min.)
⃞ Room Patrol (5 min.)
⃞ Morning Chores (15 min.)


Note :: Aslan is 10 years old now. She has essentially grown up with a control journal, but still needs gentle (ahem) nudging because she is a night owl.

You can download our toddler and preschool routines HERE.

While they finish up, I facilitate the boys and tend to the baby. We meet again at 9:30am for “table time”. If they finish before then, they are allowed to have quiet free time. Sometimes, I ask them to keep an eye on the baby so I can finish up.

Our mornings are now, for the most part, quite peaceful. What about yours? Confess – chaotic or calm?

Stay tuned as I continue to share more on the other segments of our day!


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