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December 29, 2010

Today I have the honor of being the featured

Blogger of Note

at Words of Wisdom.

I was once told that I was the type of person that could think of more ideas in 3 minutes than anyone could ever possibly execute in 3 years! I admit, it’s true. I’m constantly bombarding my husband with ideas. Some days it gets to the point where he just rolls his eyes and says, “Oh boy, here we go!” In fact, starting a blog is just another one of Sofia’s Ideas.

As I looked back on my life, and reminisced about all of the ideas I had (both lost and tossed), the various phases of life experiments, and all the extremes I’d gone to, I realized the one thing that had been a constant for me was writing. I’ve had a journal since I learned to write and so I guess blogging just seemed like it might be a good fit. And for the past few years, I’ve been moving my family towards a more simple, frugal, and green existence. This is what I am passionate about now. Hence, Sofia’s Ideas on Simplicity, Frugality, and Frivolity… all with an Eco-Mentality.


A warm welcome to everyone visiting from Words of Wisdom! Please feel free to read a few of my favorite posts, leave a comment (or two, or ten!), let me know you’ve stopped by.

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And of course, a big thank you goes to my dear friend and fellow blogger, Staci at November Sunflower, for nominating me!

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